Customer service has never been easier.

SupportHub harnesses the power of the crowd to help you offer outstanding customer service.

Getting started on our platform is fast and straightforward. All you need to do is register, receive your designated phone number, and generate a script using our cutting edge, proprietary, script generator. Then, sit back and let our amazing team of crowdsourced agents take care of the rest.

The best part is: you only get charged by the minute! We know it's not always profitable to hire a person full time, so we are here to back you up!

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The first companies to register to our platform will receive bonuses and discounts. Subscribe and we'll contact you ASAP about this amazing opportunity!

A fully featured call center service.

All calls go through us.

After registering, you will receive a designated phone number. When your customers call, they will be greeted with a message of your choice, and directly forwarded to one of our logged-in agents. At the end of the call, they will be asked to complete a short satisfaction survery.

All you need to do is provide your customers with the phone number generated by us when you register to SupportHub.

We aim for high quality service and quick response times.

Our agents are all vetted, trained, and continuously reviewed by our team and through our interface.

When answering a call, they will view the script you have generated in the form of a guided questionnaire. All they need to do is read out your questions and choose the appropriate answer.

At the end of the call, they can choose to create a ticket that can then be resolved at your convenience.

Analyze and control in one place.

Our advanced dashboard allows you to manage and review anything relating to your customers. This is where you will create the script our agents will use, view your calls and categorize them, review and improve customer satisfaction, and manage your tickets.

All the data generated through our agents' interactions with your customers allows us to provide you with detailed insight into where your customers are most often facing issues, their current level of satisfaction, and more!

Your customers are the foundation of your business, let them help you make the right decisions.

Our Team

Ioana Surdu-Bob

CEO and Co-Founder

Ioana loves exploration. She enjoys the challenge of learning new concepts and the reward she gains afterwards. In her free time she loves breakdancing, which helps her push her limits and understand she has to be patient and persevering to achieve her goals.

She believes that one person can have more than one specialization. Even though she loves software development, she recently expanded her knowledge in business and marketing through her work in this early stage startup.

Eran Peer

CTO and Co-Founder

Having started programming at the age of 12, Eran still loves everything technical. He is always up to date with the latest trends in technology, you'll never find someone more excited than him when he discovers something interesting.

When coding started being a job rather than a hobby, Eran started developing a passion for cooking. He loves eating good food, and therefore needed to know how to cook it. He thinks cooking is a great way to relax and get creative.