Back Office Support

We redefined the customer support and back office support industry by achieving 98.9% customer satisfaction rate

Back Office Support

Data Entry

We provide data entry specialists that have years of experience and the right training. Our data entry specialists include typists, transcribers, coders, excel entry makers, etc.

Web Research

Our web research team is skilled at handling any type of research. They can take care of product research, market research, competitor research, etc. You can assign any type of research task to our team and they will provide you factual information about that topic.

Order Processing

The process of order can is an important but time-consuming task. If you want to retain your valuable customers, you need someone to take care of order processing. Our team can help you with that. They can take care of order processing including complaints and returns. They make the order process easy and smooth for the customers.

Account Setup

Our support staff can also help your customer set up their new accounts. They can explain the different options. So, the customers can start ordering

Data Management

We provide data managers that have years of experience. Our managers can manage, organize, maintain, and analyze your data with the highest accuracy in the market.


Our support staff can also take care of any type of annotation. Whether you need API-driven or manual our support staff can easily handle it.

Content Moderation

Our support staff can monitor all the content for you. Whether it is the content you generated or generated by the user. Our support staff will cover all the content on your website. You just have to provide us with requirements and needs and we will cover the rest.

Multilingual Translation

Our support staff is fluent in 20+ different languages. So, no matter which language your content is in. they can translate your database, documents, or any other type of content you want with 100% accuracy.


Our support staff has years of experience in transcribing clients’ files. They take care of the accuracy and can easily take care of your documents. They are experts in scanned documents, multimedia files, etc.

Image Editing

Our specialized staff can enhance your images with editing. They have access to the latest tools, and they can use their skills to visibly enhance the image and make it look professional in no time.