Can Further Improvements be made even after the said application is delivered ?

Yes, We offer support to ensure that the application is up to date with increasing software upgrades. The team project leader is always in touch with you to make sure that no new issues arise within the applications and will help improve the Application 

Who should contact if I any have a issues or doubts on the applications?

If you have proceeded with a fixed price quota, then you will be initially given a a way to contact the leader in charge of your project and you will in contact with him either via mail or mobile number.


If I have hired individuals within your company, What is the way to constantly stay in touch with them?

We will provide with the individual contact details and we will also allow the the people who you have hired to stay in contact with you

How long has SupportHUB been in business for?

SupportHUB has been in the business for more than 8 years and have helped a great many number of companies or individuals with their web appications

I only have a vague but interesting idea to work with. Can you help me with that?

We have helped with projects that did not even have a proper idea to begin with, So a vague Idea is way better. We will stay with you and guide you to help complete the Idea. And do not worry, the idea will still be your intellectual property

How much will it cost me to develop a app?

That depends upon the fixed price quota that you have decided upon. We have been in the field for a long time and the pricing quota that we have established has satisfied a lot of people and its affordable in the context of Web Application.

How long will it take to complete the project?

Well, It depend upon the the scale of the project and also on when you want the product to be completed. Either way, The project will completed in a quick manner.

Do I have to personally check the website and application on my own?

If you want to, you definitely can. We also provide QA testing for all our clients to make sure that all the requirements and components are correct till the end and even after the project is completed. But as before, you can also personally check it. 


Do you also provide services, maintenance and upgrades?

Absolutely, and we provide exceptional service on top of that. We have had amazing client retention rate due to our service which we always ensure is on standards

Is it possible to hire your developers for my team ?

Yes, and with our various hiring models you can choose a developer that fits your needs and requirements. You can hire them full or part time depending upon the need. The choice is totally yours