How It All Works?

Step 1

Get In Touch With Us

You can look us up and contact us. The Requests can be anything from ” I want a text editor” to ” I want a web app with multiple functions” your requests can small or it can be big, we’ll get it done.


Step 2

Choose Engagement Method

Once you convey the specifications on your application. You can choose the Engagement method. We assure you that we can recommend you one that helps you with all your requirements and will satisfy your needs. You can either hire individual dedicated developers who work under us or you can select a fixed pricing quota where we will do the work by ourselves. Either way, you have the freedom to choose. The applications we develop will be up and beyond the standards of wherever you might find.  

Step 3

Check Out Our Pricing Options

If you require a fixed pricing on our services, We can provide you with a price quota. This price quota will provide you with a timeline and price on the service you need. The way we work is that we don’t assign work to unknown or untrusted individuals to work upon the Web Application. All of our employees who work with us are very trusted and have worked with us for more than 4 years ,and have delivered exceptional quality on the Web Application. You can trust us with your web application.

Step 4

Lets Begin The Process

Now we begin the process of developing the web application. If you had chosen a fixed quota, then you will be in contact with a project manager that we have assigned to develop your web applications. And if you had chosen to hire individual developers working for us then the developers will work under you for the duration it takes to develop your web application. Either way, Our aim is to complete the applications to your satisfaction and to complete it as soon as possible.

Step 5

Finish And Review The Application

After the work had been done, You can use our dedicated servers and infrastructure to maintain and improve upon the Web Applications. And if you had chosen the fixed pricing, then we will directly maintain your applications and provide you with the access to the real time source codes and timesheet entries. Our team will be in contact with you throughout the process and will ensure that your Application is up to standards.